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Operational Programme

The third Community Support Framework signed between Greece and the European Union for the six-year period 2000-2006 is specified as far as the policies related to educational planning within the Operational Program Education and Initial Vocational Training are concerned. The Operational Programme (OP) is the contract signed between the European Union and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The Operational Programme’s text is the first O.P. "Education" framework-text, that is the historic text which has formed the basis for the further specification of educational policy in the Programme Complement.

You can see here the Operational Programme’s complete text (197 pages), an abstract of the text or you can see its structure where the programme’s interventions have been analyzed into Priority Action Lines, Measures and Actions. This particular structure was the basis for the Programming Complement which has been approved by the 1st Monitoring Committee while it was elaborated into a more concrete form reaching the operational category level.

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