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Operational Programme Structure

The national strategy for education described in CSF formed the basis for planning the current Operational Programme. It attempts to deal with the weaknesses the Greek educational system presents so that new challenges which are expected to influence Greek society can be met; something that is already happening in other member countries of the European Union.

Within the framework of an integrated human resources development policy the educational strategy covers the mid-term policies of initial education and training for which the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs is responsible. These are complemented by continuous vocational education and training policies for the short-term which are the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

The complementarity of these two sectoral Operational Programmes for human resource development is obvious, since the educational and vocational training processes are inextricable parts of an integrated Lifelong Learning policy for the development of human resources.

Consequently it is reasonable and in accordance with the aforementioned, that the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs’ OP be constructed around European Social Fund policy areas which cover mostly the following:

  • Action Line 1: Promotion of equality in accessing the labour market for all and especially for those in danger of social exclusion
  • Action Line 2: Promotion and improvement of education and vocational training in the framework of lifelong learning
  • Action Line 3: Development and promotion of youth entrepreneurship and adaptability
  • Action Line 4: Improvement of women's access to the labour market
  • Action Line 5: Development and amelioration of infrastructure for the implementation of ESF measures
  • Action Line 6: Technical Aid

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