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Management Guidelines

The “Management Guidelines” for the Operational Programme Education and Initial Vocational Training (O.P. "Education") 2000-2006 is directed to both the staff of O.P. "Education" Managing Authority and the Final Beneficiaries/Implementing Agencies, with the aim of informing them of the main points regarding the management of the programme.

It must be noted that Guidelines are an initial aid for the staff of the Managing Authority and the final beneficiaries but it does not substitute the institutional framework defining the implementation of the Third CSF. The Managing Authority’s objective is to improve and enrich the Guidelines with new elements arising during the Programme’s implementation.

You can view the operational framework of the programme which the Managing Authority comprises and the regulations as well as the programme’s execution procedure, that is the integration processes operation acceptance, finance, implementation and monitoring. In addition you have access to the complete text.

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