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Financing Processes

Process for approval of funding of Actions | Financing Processes | Implementation and Monitoring Processes |

Funding is defined to be the approval and commitment of the requisite appropriations for the implementation of an Operation on an annual basis. The national and community resources coming from the 3rd CSF are first transferred to Public Investments Programme (PIP) accounts of and from there they are transferred to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in order to finance the Operations. The transfer of resources to the Ministry and then to the Final Beneficiaries is realized through Collective Project Decisions (CPD). Each funded Operation has a code in its relative CPD.

  • CPD 45/3 for Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs Operations and supervising agencies
  • CPD 45/7 for Organization of School Buildings (OSB) Operations
  • The CDPs of corresponding Ministries in which agencies are involved with initial vocational training and education.

Operation funding procedures contain the following stages:

  • PIP preparation process
  • ESF and ERDF Operational funding process
  • Controls executed before ESF and ERDF funding of Operations (according to references in Chapter 7 of the Guidelines).

Find out more in the 5th Chapter of the Management Guidelines (in Greek, doc format)

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