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The main objective of the information provision and publicity plan is to inform and raise the awareness of interested potential and final beneficiaries as well as the wider public at the central and regional level as much as possible. This plan aims at making the objectives, the guidelines, the priorities and the activities of O.P. "Education" II and the contribution of European Union known through a chosen spectrum of communication activities and promotional schemes.

The strategic communication of O.P. "Education" II is harmonized with the general framework and strategy of the 3rd CSF and it is articulated with the CSF’s national scale communication campaign. With the implementation of O.P. "Education" II’s Information and Publicity action plan, a single and integrated system with scheduled actions and activities is established. This system utilizes all the appropriate means and methods of dissemination aimed at making the benefits derived from the implementation of CSF known and at creating consensus with the majority of the public, users, the beneficiaries, involved agencies, interested target-groups, and citizens in general.

You can find more specific and analytical information about the activities and the implementation of the information provision and publicity measures from the Programme Complement (Publicity/ Programme Complement) (in Greek, doc format) and from the Management Guidelines (publicity implementation measures) (in Greek, doc format). You can also find guidelines regarding final beneficiaries' obligations on issues of publicity - information provision (in Greek, doc format).

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