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Parties Concerned

The site’s users potential can be distinguished in five basic categories according to their characteristics. These categories include the following:

Final Beneficiaries: the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and the implementing agencies responsible for executing the projects tendered by the Managing Authority (MA).

Entities Benefiting Directly or Indirectly (by a project executed by the final beneficiaries): the specific population segments targeted by the O.P. "Education" with its projects implemented to meet their needs. Educators, students, their parents, students of Vocational Training Institutes, the academic community as a whole, adults undergoing vocational training, etc.

Contractors: Enterprises or natural and legal entities that are entitled to undertake the implementation of projects tendered by the Final Beneficiaries.

Various Organisations: national and European agencies interested in the O.P. "Education" implementation process for a variety of reasons. These can include the Ministry of Finance and other ministries, Managing Authorities of other O.P. (Operational Programmes), Organisations and Entities from the European Union, etc.

The Wider Public: those citizens interested in educational and initial vocational training themes. This category includes the press and mass media in general that in effect operate as an intermediary toward the wider public.

The website has been designed in such a way as to satisfy user needs of all categories to a large extent. More specifically:

Final Beneficiaries have the opportunity to find information regarding the OP, especially in reference to the policies it supports, the management procedures, the implementation’s legal framework, the allocation of resources, the implementation progress, evaluation processes and, of course, information on the calls for proposal. More specifically for the calls for proposal, support is provided with model plan templates and detailed guidelines. Concurrently, constant updates regarding the latest O.P. "Education" news is provided.

A large amount of information is provided to the Beneficiaries concerning the results of actions being implemented in the O.P. "Education" framework. The data show the actions’ effect on the various educational levels as well as on initial vocational training schemes. Specifically, educators and students can search for information regarding actions that fund school laboratories, libraries, educational software, model studies programmes. Additionally, educators can seek actions that finance training programmes and mobility. On the other hand, members of the academic community are informed of funded projects that focus on improving educational services offered by the Universities and Technical Institutes of our country which are enhanced by investments in infrastructure and equipment, innovative educational programmes at the undergraduate and post-graduate level, programmes focusing on mobility and the support of research. University students are informed of projects regarding their internships and scholarships. Information will also be provided for students of Vocational Training Institutes as well as any individuals interested in education and the vocational training of adults. Data that provide information on the implementation progress, the goals and policies of the Ministry of Education,O.P."Education" latest news and the results of projects' deliverables are specifically of interest for this category of users.

Contractors can search for useful information regarding projects being implemented by Final Beneficiaries and more specifically regarding calls for tender published for the implementation of these projects so that they can be in a position to prepare their bids timely for projects of interest to them. Web pages that report the results of the open calls for proposal and the actions included, the latest O.P. "Education" news on current open and future calls are also of special interest.

There is also a plethora of information regarding the various national and community institutions interested in the O.P. "Education" implementation progress, monitoring and control processes, evaluation and assessment processes and publicity. For this user category, information regarding results - deliverables and statistics - indicators are also of special interest. Pages referring to the O.P. "Education" management processes, its implementation progress, its evaluation and activities undertaken to create publicity are particularly interesting.

From the website’s pages, the Wider Public can find general information about O.P. "Education", mainly about results produced and the effect of actions on specific Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs policy. Pages referring to the results of Calls for Proposal and their included operations, statistical elements and the indicators associated with the implementation of the OP, and the O.P. "Education" latest news are of greater interest for these users as well as members of the press.

Agencies and/or companies from the public or private sector as well as private entities that may submit a proposal for approval of funding of actions can search for the specific tenders by using a special search form.



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