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Steps for Submitting a Proposal

Composition and Submission of a Proposal

Interested parties have the right to submit a proposal after the publication of the call for expression of interest and if they have been characterized as potential Final Beneficiaries in the Programme Complement and the open call for proposal.

Proposals submitted to the Managing Authority must pertain to Operations with functional and managerial independence, specific natural and financial subject, natural objectives and expected results.

Submission of a proposal by the Final Beneficiaries is the first stage in a series of processes that lead to Operation Categories being specialized into Operations / Projects.

In each case, the Final Beneficiary’s application is accompanied with completed Project and Sub-project Technical Bulletins according to which the Operation will be implemented. The completion of these standardized documents is performed with the use of specific guidelines provided by the Managing Authority. These guide Final Beneficiaries and ensure that on the one hand the totality of required information is provided and on the other hand that the proposed Operation’s method of implementation is clear, precise and credible. The Managing Authority may decide that additional information is required from the Final Beneficiary that answers assessment criteria that are not included in Project Technical Bulletins (e.g. in relation to the Operation’s implementation methodology, a detailed timetable and the description of the proposed expense categories).

Proposals submitted without the use of the standardized forms are rejected. Project Technical Bulletins are an inseparable part of the approving decision if the proposal is accepted for funding.

The end-date for submission of proposals must be totally respected. Proposals that are submitted late are rejected. The Managing Authority has the right, if this is deemed necessary, to declare an extension or a retraction of the validity of the proposal by applying the same publication method.

As a general rule, proposals are submitted in written and electronic form in as many copies as stipulated in the call. Proposals are submitted to the O.P. "Education" Managing Authority, the authority’s protocol service, care of the officer responsible for the Operation Category for which Operations have been tendered. Proposals may also be submitted by post with a receipt showing the date of submission from the mail service (post or courier) used. In any case, the dates set in the call for submission of proposals are strictly abided.

Following this, the Authority’s Protocol service forwards the proposals to the Managing Authority’s pertinent Unit B which, after completing their collection, executes their evaluation as described in the call.

If you like, you can see the call for proposals composition and publication process and the evaluation process that follows the submission of proposals.

You can also access documents to help you submit a proposal regarding higher education.

You can also stay informed, with the use of the Internet for example, on best practices used in other countries regarding the areas of your proposal in order to compose your proposal.

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