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Evaluation of Proposals

The evaluation of submitted proposals is a significant process that precedes the approval process for acceptance and funding of Operations in the framework of O.P. "Education" Measure’s Operation Categories.

The evaluation process is based on objective criteria, clearly defined and agreed upon by the Monitoring Committee.

The evaluation criteria for Operation categories of each O.P. "Education" Measure are an inseparable section of the Programme Complement and have been specified by Management Authority staff (article 15 of L. 2860/2000).

An essential requirement for the evaluation process to be objective and unbiased is the clear definition of criteria and a simple evaluation methodology.

The objective of evaluating the proposed Operations is:

  • The implementation of open processes for the selection of Operations.
  • The selection and inclusion of noteworthy Operations whose implementation contributes to the achievement of O.P. "Education" Measure objectives and the promotion of national and EU educational policy.
  • The selection of Operations that ensure with their implementation that on the one hand Measure quantitative targets will be met and on the other that expected results and effects are synergic and complementary with the expected results from the implementation of O.P. "Education" Measures.
  • Assigning the implementation of Operations to Final Beneficiaries that have sufficient experience, the right technical know-how and scientific training as well as the managerial capability to implement the accepted Operations within the designated timeframe, with transparency and proper use of allocated resources.

More on the evaluation of proposals (in Greek, doc file)

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